Berlin Living Costs

When starting to plan a semester abroad the question arises how much money will be needed each month. This depends on different criteria for example if living in a student residence or private and how many high cost free-time activities one wants to do. It also depends on the living costs in the country and city.

The biggest part in one’s outgoings is the costs for rent and additional charges (electricity, heat and water). In Berlin the lease costs are a little bit cheaper than in other big German cities like for example Karslruhe or Munich but they are more expensive than the lease costs in small cities and towns. Most times it depends on how you are living. As international student you will probably get a room in one of the student’s residences which are much cheaper than a private room. If living together in a house with others, the cost will also be lower. If living private you need to know that the different districts have different lease costs some are cheaper and others more expensive. It is cheaper if you live away from the center.

It is hard to tell how much money everyone will need at the end, because it depends on the personal situation but this chart shows how much money the average German student needs every month and for what.

Rent and additional charges 298 €
Food 165 €
Clothing 52 €
Books etc. 30 €
Health Insurance/  
Medial Treatment/ … 66 €
Phone, Internet  
Television Fees 33 €
Free-Time, Culture, Sports 68 €
Total                                     712 €


Depending on how expensive the leasing costs are and how much money you want to spend for food or clothing this amount can differ.

Besides the living costs you may want to do some trips and travelling to different German cities or European countries. This may need additional money.