Housing and accommodation in Berlin

Places for student residences are given away from the “Studentenwerk Berlin” and you can apply at the university or at the “Studentenwerk”. Which alternative is better will be told to you after you received your letter of acceptance or you ask at the International Office.

In total there are more than 30 student residences located in the different urban districts of Berlin. Depending on which university you want to study at there are some residence who suite better than others because they are net to the university. Information about the student residences in Berlin can be found at the webpage of the [“Studentenwerk” – http://www.studentenwerk-berlin.de/wohnen/studentische_wohnanlagen/index.html ].

There are some advantages and disadvantages of student residences, for example:

+        As international student you normally do receive a place at the student residence –        Kitchen and bathroom often need to be shared with many others
+        The student residences are very close to the university –        Student residences are often used as meeting point and party rooms, it therefore can be quite loud there
+        You will soon meet new people and other students there –        The rooms are often very small and just rarely furnitured


If you decide not to take a place at the student residence there are some webpages like www.wg-gesucht.de that help you find a private room with others. If German students go abroad they often rent their rooms for this period, so it is possible to find something for just one or two terms. It is also possible to search for a room for your whole studies. You should look if the room is just next to university or if it is quite far away, maybe you also want to have a room at the center of the city. The people already living in the room often want to meet you before they give away the room but this is also possible via Skype. There are many different points of view how the live in a WG should be. Some want to do a lot of things together like cooking or partying. Others have very separate lives and just share the flat with the others. You should think about what you want.

Pros and Cons of a WG can be:

+        You are very flexible by choosing the location of the room, e.g. you can also move to the center of the city –        Rent for private rooms can be more expensive than in the student residence
+        It is quieter and the room is often bigger and cleaner than in the student residence –        Depending on the location of the room it can be far away from university
+        If it is not a WG just to save money the roommates can become your best friends –        If you don’t get along with your roommates it can be hard to avoid seeing them


In the end everybody has to decide on his or her own what solution is the better one. Maybe you’ve already been living alone at the home university and want to have a different kind of living now. It is also possible that you don’t get a place at the student residence. All this can influence the decision.