Learning German in Berlin

Studying in Berlin as international student also means to learn the German language. Even if some of the study programs are in English it is a goal for the stay to learn German. If you have a program in German language you will soon need to learn scientific and professional words and in the every-day life accents and everyday speech can be difficult to understand. You will soon learn the language just by using it regularly but an additional language course can also be very helpful to get a more fluent and correct speaking.

Language courses at the university: This mostly is the first choice for many international students. The language department at the university offers German language courses for international students and these are quite cheap. Another advantage is that they are at the same place as the other courses and you don’t need to drive to a different place. Before entering the course you normally need to do a short test to check what level you have, so you will get the right course.

Besides the courses at the university also different departments and schools in Berlin offer German language courses. For example the Deutschinstitut or the Volkshochschule. Other offers can be found on the Internet. If you want to study German the Goethe Institut is a place to do this.

Language courses can be very helpful to learn grammar and writing but for a fluent speaking and a natural feeling for the language the daily use is still most efficient.

It is therefore important not only to stay with other international students and speak the own language. It is a good thing to say from the beginning that you are not that good in German but you would like to talk together in German to learn it. In lectures and at other activities like university sport you can meet a lot of German students and while doing stuff with them you will learn the language easily.

The preparation for exams and the writing of essays is probably something different. For these things learning groups can be very helpful or maybe older students offer their help so you will also learn the scientific phrases and formal rules with this kind of writing.

At the beginning it may seem hard to learn the language but soon you won’t think about how to say different things. The regular use lets the new language soon seem to be very natural.