Transportation in Berlin

As international student you will probably not have a car to bring to Germany and in Berlin this is really not necessary but rather annoying. The public transport is a perfect way to go to every place in the city you want to go and the costs are covered with the student card so you do not have to pay a ticket.

In Berlin there are 15 urban railways and ten subway lines as well as 22 trams, 150 bus lines and six ferry boat lines. These cover the whole city and go in very regular times. At the beginning it can be quite confusing what train or bus you need to take but after a few days you get along easily. The universities and student residences are next to bus stops as well because most of the students use the public transport. In the evening the transport is still covered till late at night and at weekends there are normally busses driving the whole night. If you are new in berlin you should also do a trip with one of the sightseeing busses that go through the whole town and to all the important places.

The train station was built new in 2006 and covers mostly long-distance traffic but also the S-Bahn and U-Bahn has stations there. If you want to go to different German cities the train can be cheap when there are special offers but otherwise it is rather expensive. To go large distances for example to other European countries you can also get cheap flights. The airports in Berlin cover many cities.

Besides train and bus the bicycle is becoming more and more popular among students. There are very good roads for bicycles in the city and you can go to all of the places. Berlin is also quite flat so you do not need to go up hills. There are even guided tours through the city that go by bike and get along important sights, with the bicycle this is very much fun. A cheap bike can be bought through different online marketplaces. You can also find one at the university website announces. If there is no good offer Ebay-Kleinanzeigen is also very popular, just remember to look for the right city. After the stay in Germany you can rebuy the bike at the same places and get some of your money back.

All in once the transport in berlin shouldn’t be a problem and because you get the ticket with your student card it isn’t even expensive.