Tuition Fee Costs

There is a very tense discussion about tuition fees in Germany. The federal states can decide if tuition fees can be charged or not. There are often different rules for first and second study program and in many federal states the tuition fees have been disestablished in the last years. In Berlin there are no tuition fees charged. Yet, there has to be paid a different amount of money for the administration which is 280 Euros. This fee also includes for example the transport ticket for the public transport system, which can be used free with this ticket.

The tuition fees are charged seldom in Germany because the country wants to offer equality of chance for all citizens. Everybody – independent from his or her financial situation – should have the chance to study.

It is possible that there are different rules for international students, depending on how long you want to study in Germany (one term or the whole studies). It can also be essential if one stays enrolled at the home university or not. In this case it can be possible that the administration fees don’t have to be paid. This can be different depending on the situation but most important is that there are no tuition fees at universities in Berlin.