What to do in Berlin

The capital city of Germany has many things to offer from free-time activities to sights and culture. It therefore won’t get boring. Many advices will come from fellow students and friend but here are some of the best things in advance that should be done in Berlin and that can be done without money.

Berlin without money:

Many of the sights in Berlin are for free and not just the unimportant ones. Some of the most important sight can be seen and entered totally free, including the Brandenburger Tor and the Reichstag as well. To get into the glass dome of the Reichstag you need to [register – https://visite.bundestag.de/BAPWeb/pages/createBookingRequest.jsf ] two days in advance. The East Side Gallery is one of the biggest open-air Galleries and shows remains of the Berlin Wall, there is also much information about the time when it was still standing. The Holocaust Mahnmal – one of the most impressing sights of the city – is also open and free. Also many other sights can be visited for free.

Culture and History play an important part in Berlin and the best is that many museum of the city are free at some days or with a student card. Here is a small selection of some of them: Deutscher Dom, Gedenkstädte Berliner Mauer, Ort der Information, Alliierten Museum, Akademie der Künste, and many more.

If you want to have a different kind of guided city tour you can take a free tour which mostly goes by feet and covers certain urban districts. These free tours also go along the most important sights. The guides know the city very well and are often living in Berlin so they can show their own few at the city and their favorite places which you otherwise wouldn’t have visited.

Sometimes one just wants to relax and enjoy the fresh air. With friend or alone you can enjoy the sun in one of Berlin’s parks. There parks are free and open and very popular: Mauerpark, Friedrichshain, Weinbergspark, Görlitzer Park, Tiergarten. In Berlin-Mitte and at Prenzlauer Berg there are also numerous public table tennis tables which can be used.

Other activities in berlin are similar to those in other cities. You can go to several bars and cafés and drink coffee or cocktails with your friend. In summer it is possible to sit outside at mostly every place. The Berlin nightlife is awesome as well and you can spend your nights out dancing. Which clubs are the best depends on your own preference. You should just try and decide on your own. Often the clubs do have specials like ladies nights or motto parties where certain styles of music are played.

If you like going to concerts Berlin will fit you brilliantly. Many good newcomer bands from the city play for free at many places. Every Monday there are gigs at the Little Stage, Sundays there is open-air karaoke at the Mauerpark and on Wednesday there is unplugged music at the Badeschiff.

If you just take some friends or fellow students and explore the city you will soon love Berlin and all its great possibilities to do.

More tips for a free berlin can be seen at [Pfefferbrett – http://www.pfefferbett.de/berlin-tipps/berlin-kostenlos/ ]

There are also activities that can be done at university for free or small amounts of mones. For example commitment in student groups and councils or university sports, music and theater groups, etc. This is not only fun and hobby but you also meet new people very soon.