Why Study in Berlin

Germany has one of the best educational systems of the world, the degrees from German universities are acknowledged all over the world and the experience of studying in a strong industrial nation as Germany is important and positive for the own future.
Berlin owns 4 universities and numerous technical colleges. The choice is therefore not easy.

The Freie Universität Berlin offers study programs in humanity and social sciences, natural sciences and medicine.

The Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin also covers humanity and social sciences as well as cultural sciences, medicine and agriculture.

The Technische Universität Berlin has its focus on engineering and natural sciences but also offers programs in planning, humanity social sciences and economics.

The fourth university is the University of the Arts in Berlin which covers – as the name says – the programs art, design, music and performing arts.

Besides the high quality education, Berlin has also a lot to offer for the personal development. As it is the capital city of Germany one is very close to politics, history and up-to-date developments. One can immerse into the German culture and get to know the diversity of the nation.

Berlin also is a very international city and brings together a lot of different cultures, which form the Germany of today. One can participate in cultural and traditional events, which take place in Berlin and one is in the heart of it.

Furthermore, Berlin is – compared to other university cities – cheaper concerning rent and cost of living.

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Berlin is Germany’s most popular university city

Berlin educates many more college students than those who are actually from Berlin. Students from all over Germany come to Berlin to attend its colleges and universities. In the 2010/2011 winter semester, a total of 147,030 students were enrolled in Berlin’s 12 universities, 5 arts colleges, and 22 other colleges


Source: Federal Statistics Office, Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office / Berlin.de

Very successful at attracting external funding

In a comparison of Germany’s states, Berlin’s universities rank second
in attracting external funding. External funding is an indicator of a
professor’s ability to acquire research funding and can also be considered an indicator of the quality of the research being done.


Source: Federal Statistics Office, 2011 / Berlin.de

Berlin’s universities are especially appealing to women academics

Berlin has a higher percentage of women faculty than any other German state. And with a total of 2,883 professors – both men and women – Berlin also outnumbers most of Germany’s other states.

Percentage of women faculty in 2009