Working While Studying in Berlin

Many students can’t live from the money their parents have for them, it is just not enough form the studies abroad. Without a scholarship a job is the next possibility to earn money. Sadly, there are some restrictions, which should be concerned if wanting to work while studying.

To get a job it is necessary as citizen from non-EU countries to have a residence and working permit. But even then as student you are not allowed to work fulltime. There are certain limits for how many days of travelling are allowed. It is 120 full days or 240 half days per year, this limit cannot be crossed. Those wanting to work more than these days have to apply again for more time. Reasons to accept or refuse the application depend on the city, for example high percentage of unemployment can be a reason. A solution can be a job right at the university. As on campus working student you do not have these restrictions. It is although necessary to enroll the work.

If wanting to work during the holidays the 120/240 regulation is also valid. Internships are only excluded from the rule if they are obligatory for the study program.

There are no regulations for students from the European Union to work in Germany.

Everybody who wants to earn money in Germany needs a tax payer’s account number, this means you need to register at the finance office. For so called 450€-Jobs (meaning you don’t earn more than 450€ per month) you do not pay taxes but for jobs during the holidays where you probably earn more, taxes get relevant.

You need to be careful if you get any financial help like for example a scholarship how much money you are allowed to earn in addition.

Those who want to work in Germany should also think about how much time the studies will take. Especially at the beginning, when the language causes some problems you should think about if you really have enough time for a job.